As part of our ongoing commitment to research and insight on sub-Saharan Africa, we hosted a series of Manager Showcase luncheons in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Each luncheon highlighted three managers – African Capital Alliance, 46 Parallels, and Nubuke Investments – from different asset classes. Each luncheon also featured a guest speaker who discussed the broader macroeconomic environment – Teresa Clarke from (New York), Jide Zeitlin from the Keffi Group (Chicago), and Eghosa Omuigui from EchoVC (San Francisco).

The luncheons were all well-attended, with close to 100 guests across locations, including well-known institutional investors and family offices, and members of the banking and legal communities. The three managers provided an excellent overview of the diversity of opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa across regions, sectors, and asset classes:

  • Okey Enelamah, CEO of African Capital Alliance, spoke about the evolution of private equity in Africa, and the specific opportunities in Nigeria and the Western part of the continent.
  • Fred Binka, Partner at 46 Parallels, outlined the opportunity in equity-linked debt, as Africa’s emerging banking system presents opportunities for private lenders to generate outsized returns.
  • Tutu Agyare, Managing Partner and CIO of Nubuke Investments, talked about the tremendous recent performance of the public markets in Africa and how, despite the run-up, the market is still undervalued and full of opportunities in both equity and fixed income.

Kuramo’s unique ability to capture each of these opportunities by accessing the best on- the-ground managers is a key differentiating factor for our strategic partners. We offer our multi-manager investment fund platform; and, beyond the fund, co-investments, secondary and direct opportunities, and proprietary research to build out a broader sub- Saharan Africa portfolio.

We would be pleased to share detailed presentations from the luncheons as well as a video summary of the San Francisco event. We look forward to continuing our discussion on the tremendous opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa.