Why Kuramo

Strategic Partnership Approach

Kuramo Capital’s sole objective is to capture the tremendous growth opportunity in sub-Saharan Africa for a select group of institutional and high net-worth investors. We are committed to offering our strategic partners a broad range of approaches to access the opportunity including strategic advice as they build out their sub-Saharan Africa portfolio.

Investment Philosophy

Kuramo Capital believes in the rigors of an endowment investment approach practiced by highly experienced professionals. Underlying this approach is a core investment philosophy where capital preservation is a fundamental goal. The endowment approach is opportunistic and recognizes that diversification across asset classes is a significant contributor to overall return. It is an approach that embraces a value orientation, and an appreciation for the liquidity premium with flexible capital allocation, along with a constant focus on downside risk.

Endowment-style Approach to sub-Saharan Africa

Kuramo Capital believes the growth underway in sub-Saharan Africa economies and, more importantly, in the major themes resulting from favorable demographics can only be fully captured by a multi-asset class approach that deploys capital in both private and public investment strategies.

We also believe that a value orientation and diversification across asset classes, market sectors, and underlying investment strategies is critical for successfully investing in sub-Saharan Africa markets and provides downside protection.

Finally, Kuramo Capital believes in an unforced investment pace that seeks the best opportunities available and an in-depth process that involves thorough evaluation, portfolio construction and risk management.

Our Edge

Kuramo Capital understands that local knowledge from on-the-ground presence and extensive local networks is key to investment success in sub-Saharan Africa.

At Kuramo Capital, our edge is our global investment experience, extensive local network in Africa and early commitment to investments in sub-Saharan Africa. Kuramo’s investment professionals are on-the-ground in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. Members of the team are fluent or conversant in languages spoken in Africa, including Yoruba, Swahili, Kikuyu, and French.